Southwest Airlines could pay close to a billion dollars back to customers because of a holiday disaster when the company canceled over 16,000 flights and left people stranded. Reports say it could cost the airline company between $725 – $825 million. The company blamed some of the cancellations of the winter storms around that time.

Join NY. Assemblyman Demond Meeks for the Holiday Food Basket giveaway in conjunction with the Rochester Family Mission! Photo I.D. Is required, however you are not required to sign up. 700+ baskets to give away, “First Come, First Serve!”

The house used in one of America’s favorite holiday movies is up for sale. The classic movie A Christmas Story that was filmed in Cleveland Ohio back in the early 80’s never gets old. The house that was used in the movie which is located at 3159 West 11th st was recently placed on the […]

An annual family tradition will be changing. Charlie Brown holiday specials will no longer air on traditional TV; its new home is on Apple TV. PBS says they no longer hold the rights to the specials. My question is if it’s only on Apple TV will it hurt overall viewership?

Some numbers are coming in from over the Thanksgiving holiday shopping weekend. According to MasterCard, online sales from Black Friday were up 10% this year.  And now that many stores have reopened, in-store sales took a huge jump as well. MasterCard says in-store sales went up by 43%. Analysts for the company say the increase […]

There was a study that was done that said 71% of Americans planned to use their phones during the holiday with family. 61% of people said they use their phone during the holiday time to avoid talking to certain family members. 60% of americans use their phone during a religious service, while 31% of people said they […]

One store that will not be open on Thanksgiving this year is Target. The company said it will close all of its stores for Thanksgiving 2021 and each year thereafter. Last year Target closed on Thanksgiving due to the pandemic and said it would close all of its stores this year also. Target’s CEO Brian […]

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November 12, 2021

It may only be mid-November, but tis’ the season for all the holiday shopping. At places such as Eastview mall, holiday shopping is in full swing. Eastview Mall general manager Mike Kauffman stated: “October was a really good month for us typically October is kind of a slow month but what we have seen with […]

If you are in the market for a job or career check out the United States Post Office in Webster and Rocheater. They will be holding a hiring event October 14th and 15th 10am -4pm. The event is in person and will be held at the Rochester Mail Processing Center 1335 Jefferson Rd. Rochester, NY. […]

The state’s legislature has decided that Juneteenth will be an official state holiday in Oregon, making Oregon the fourth state to make the event an official celebration. This will be in effect next year. In a statement released by Oregon Senate Democrats; “With House Bill 2168, we can learn from another time. We can change […]

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