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After months and months of negotiations, congressional leaders are getting close to another coronavirus relief deal. If everything goes well, a $900 billion stimulus deal could reach Americans soon. The deal is expected to have another round of stimulus checks at $600 per person, but no money for local or state aid. The deal also […]

We have been talking a lot about Trump and his resistance to conceding. He has gone to different extremes and tactics to overturn votes in states he lost. Because of these actions, he is undermining the democracy of this country. This is dangerous for a multitude of reasons. However, I would like to focus on […]

Do you remember Edward Snowden? He was the one who leaked documents of the NSA surveillance programs in 2013. The documents showed the surveillance by the NSA operated outside of the U.S. Constitution. Well, he is currently living in Russia and he has not yet been pardoned by the United States. The reason Mr. Snowden […]

On Wednesday The House passed two major bills providing billions of dollars towards child care. The first bill, Child Care is Essential Act, will provide $50 billion to child care centers immediately. The second bill, the Child Care for Economic Recovery Act, will provide $170 billion in funds over the course of the next ten […]

Governments around the world are now considering different technologies to trace the coronavirus outbreak. Smartphones are one of those technologies, but then privacy and personal data comes into question. To contain infectious disease outbreaks there has to be testing, tracing, and isolation. So with a smartphone tracing app it could make things a little easier […]

Beginning Friday, a few southern states will be reopening during the pandemic. A lot of people across the country are looking at those governors as if they lost their minds because some of these places are becoming hot spots for COVID-19 cases. Jacksonville Florida reopened beaches last Friday with restricted operational hours. States like Georgia, […]

Democrats and Republicans agreed upon terms for the nation’s biggest stimulus package of two trillion dollars to help the American people during the Corona virus pandemic. Most American citizens will receive $1,200 per person and $3,400 for a family of four. Reports say the total amount going to people with be $250 billion with $350 […]

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