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New Apps Being Developed Across The Globe To Trace COVID-19

Written by on May 6, 2020

Governments around the world are now considering different technologies to trace the coronavirus outbreak. Smartphones are one of those technologies, but then privacy and personal data comes into question.

To contain infectious disease outbreaks there has to be testing, tracing, and isolation. So with a smartphone tracing app it could make things a little easier and as a matter of fact, in Australia the government is already using a tracing app called COVIDSafe.

So, basically how the apps work is you download it to your phone and create a user name. It may ask basic stuff like age range, area code, and phone number. Using Bluetooth the app will collect data of users you come in contact with and it would be stored encrypted on your phone for 14-21 days depending in the app.

If any of them including yourself tests positive for COVID-19 health officials would access the data once you consent. Health officials would be the only ones accessing the data to report and trace users you came in contact with.

There is an app currently being developed in Buffalo by a team of computer scientists from the University at Buffalo that’s similar to the one in Australia called PocketCare+. According to 13Wham the app could be available next week.

If the Monroe County Department of Heath decided to utilize this app would you download for use on your phone?

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Source: The Guardian

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