Crypto currency

Yesterday, Rochester’s Seneca Park Zoo received a “philanthropic gift” from JPEG DAO that will be used to “address deforestation in Madagascar,” a cause the organization says they’ve been working on for decades. However, this donation was quite different from the rest, as the original donation was given to the zoo in the cryptocurrency called “Stellar […]

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July 28, 2021

Are you crypto-curious? Did you know 60% of people that own cryptocurrency rate their knowledge level about crypto to be very low..well The King of Crypto Jay Hicks is giving you knowledgeable SCOOPS! Inside his very entertaining and informative new Ebook Two Scoops of crypto! Finally, a Crypto eBook that explains the WHY! Why, You […]

Rapper T.I. has got into trouble with the feds again, Only this time there’s no guns involved. According to reports T.I. has agreed to pay U.S. Regulators back $75,000 to settle charges that he broke laws by selling fraudulent crypto currency investments. T.I. and film producer Ryan Felton along 5 other people are facing federal […]

A Irish man who was a drug dealer loss $60 million dollars in crypto currency. Clifton Collins who was a former security guard turned marijuana grower and dealer lost out on the large sum of crypto money after his land lord cleaned out his apartment and threw away the codes he needed to access his $60 million […]

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