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Are you crypto-curious?

Written by on July 28, 2021

Are you crypto-curious?

Did you know 60% of people that own cryptocurrency rate their knowledge level about crypto to be very low..well The King of Crypto Jay Hicks is giving you knowledgeable SCOOPS!

Inside his very entertaining and informative new Ebook Two Scoops of crypto! Finally, a Crypto eBook that explains the WHY! Why, You should buy Bitcoin. Why,! Bitcoin is a long-term play and could help establish your financial future and build generational wealth and Why,! buying Bitcoin is like owning virtual gold!

The ebook translates bitcoin and cryptocurrency into plain English This is a Guaranteed quick read or listen.

For just $9.99 you’ll get the Two Scoops ebook, the audiobook, and the bonus Crypto Guide for Newbies. All three items for just $9.99! What a deal!

Purchase now at Crypto-Ave.com

Two Scoops of Crypto is the ebook that gives the reasons of “why” … you should invest in Bitcoin & Crypto!

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