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Don’t have your COVID vaccination cards on you? Well, it’s coming to smarts phones soon. Apple’s Wallet app would be able to carry your COVID vaccination cards. Demonstrating proof of vaccination through their iPhones and Apple Watches. The vaccination cards could be used by businesses or venues as a form of verification, similar to how you […]

The Buffalo Bills have 8 more home games this season and now fans must show proof of at least one dose of COVID vaccine. The news was announced for Highmark Stadium and Key Bank Arena on Tuesday. After Oct. 31, all guests ages 12 and up must be fully vaccinated. Those under 12 are required to […]

A Parent from Reno, Nevada sent their child to school on the first day of in person class despite the child testing positive for COVID-19. Just days before both parents and the child tested positive for COVID-19 and failed to report The cases to the school district and local health officials. According to reports at […]

Like many others, Lizzo is not playing around when it comes COVID-19 Delta variant. So, the singer-songwriter decided to take her thoughts to Instagram, in a seven-minute “public service announcement” freestyle video where she kindly let her followers know that maintaining six feet away from her is non-negotiable. Lizzo stated; “I don’t care who you […]

In the United States, Covid-19 cases are back on the rise as the Delta Variant is spreading. Those who are unvaccinated, especially those who are working, ​​are facing increasing pressure to get the Covid-19 vaccine. In the past week, the CDC has updated its guidelines and recommending everyone to wear masks indoors again. President Joe […]

The Hulu comedy “Woke” was canceled for the third time this week. After production was canceled twice last week for COVID reasons, the show was supposed to be back and running Monday. Production did pick up Monday, but was quickly canceled on Wednesday due to two positive tests. Production has been canceled indefinitely. Variety reported: […]

The University of Rochester Medical Center is starting to research whether or not we will need vaccination boosters or if they are even effective. They are testing the boosters by mixing the vaccines. Infectious disease professor and researcher, Dr. Ann Falsey stated: “What we want to do is stay ahead of the problem. Frequently with […]

Looking to travel overseas this summer and still need a passport? You may need to rethink your plans. Currently there is a massive wait for passports. The State Department is dealing with over a million applications backlogged. It is believed the extensive wait is due to COVID. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Passport Services Rachel Arndt […]

Cannes Film Festival is now testing for COVID-19 using an extensive spit test. On Monday, a new intern, Olivia Wilson, working at the American Pavilion underwent the test. Wilson estimated she spit about 15 times and that it was difficult to produce saliva after awhile. Variety reported: “The annual Cannes Film Festival launches this week […]

On Monday at 11:30, Monroe County Executive Adam Bello and Public Health Commissioner Dr. Michael Mendoza were joined with other health officials to give an update on the COVID-19 vaccination efforts in the Finger Lakes region. Rochester First stated: “On Monday, United Way of Greater Rochester announced $1 million in funding for the Finger Lakes […]

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