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State Lawmaker Brad Boles Slips His Tongue And Says “Colored Babies” On House Floor

Written by on March 11, 2021

Another “slip of the tongue” apology this time from a Republican lawmaker from Oaklahoma. The “slip of the tongue” occurred in a debate for a bill on abortion on the House floor. By the way, the abortion bill passed in the House 80-19.

There are so many things here but I will just focus on the one thing. The fact that there is no more “slip of the tongue” your tongue doe NOT just slip and say, colored babies. Let’s get this correct State Representative Brad Boles this was a slip of thought from your mind regarding black people.

I’m tired of the “slip of the tongue” excuse because really that is EXACTLY what it is, an excuse. This was something that was in your mind and a part of how you see and label black people most likely when you are amongst your white counterparts. And it is most likely a word that is in your vocabulary more than you will ever admit publically. But see we see past your forced apology and we see you for what you really are – white and privileged.

This is what we mean when we talk about systemic racism. People in these very powerful positions make decisions that affect our lives and could care less about the people they represent that they see as less than. We have to remove these people by VOTING them out and putting people that have our best interests in mind. Clearly, he did not. Save your ingenuine apology.

Remember tongues don’t slip but minds do!

VOTE – Our lives depend on it.

Source: 13Wham.com

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