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President Trump Not Wearing Mask Causes Division

Written by on May 29, 2020

It all starts at the top – leadership. This country’s current leadership is falling short. To wear a mask or not to wear a mask as we are in the beginning of a pandemic.

Here is why you should wear a mask and what happens when you decided against a mask.

Wearing a mask per CDC guidelines you are protecting others and stopping the spread of COVID-19 especially if you are asymptomatic. When you make the choice for what ever reason to not wear a mask out in public you could potentially spread the virus. Without social distancing and not wearing a face covering you could get the virus and bring it back to your loved ones, coworkers, and others you come in contact with. We are trying save lives here.

America leads the world in deaths from COVID-19. The total number of deaths has reached 100,047 and still rising.

If you are in a leadership position especially, in one of the most important positions in the country you must LEAD.

What’s concerning is the fact that the President will not wear a mask even after scientists have said masks prevents droplets from spreading.

Leaders have a great impact on how the general public will act and will follow the examples set by them. Because of this we have lines drawn in the sand with people who wear masks and people who will not and it’s turning violent. Those who are not wearing masks are taking cues directly from the President as Jimmy Kimmel pointed out last night in his Quarantine Monologue.

Go to 4:45 in the video below and see for yourself. I completely agree with Jimmy Kimmel.



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