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‘Central Park Karen’ Says Her Life Is Being Destroyed After Lying On Black Man

Written by on May 27, 2020

The Internet has dubbed Amy Cooper as Central Park Karen, the white woman who was strolling through Central Park with her unleashed dog that lied about a Black man threatening her and her dog.

The video went viral and she has since apologized to everyone about her actions. She claims she’s not a racist and now is begging for mercy because her life is being destroyed.
Amy Cooper had to surrender her dog to a rescue, after being accused of animal cruelty; because her dog looked like it was gasping for air in the video. Her job at a investment company made her take an administrative leave pending their investigation. Now, reports  say she has been terminated.
This is what happens when you get caught on video crying ‘wolf’ when you only have a sheep in front of you. Now she must deal with the repercussions and consequences of her actions.
Luckily for Amy on the legal side she doesn’t face any criminal charges.

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