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Pluto Is Moving Into Aquarius 2023 And We Are In For A Modern Renaissance Ride

Written by on March 21, 2023

If you are into Astrology, Energy, planetary orbits and the connection to life on Earth here is something eerily interesting about Pluto moving into Aquarius. March 23, 2023 Pluto will officially slide into the sign of Aquarius.

What does this mean? Umm.. well a whole lot! Being that Pluto is the furthest planet from the Sun it takes some time to move in and out of Zodiac Signs and yes we do feel the effects here on Earth.

There is some interesting and fun information in the article from the NY Post about this cycle of Pluto that is a 12-30 year cycle. If you look at the generations and the connection to those born with Pluto in certain Signs you will see an interesting pattern.

The example the NY Post gives by Astrologer David Odessey is “the Boomers were born with Pluto in Leo (1939–1958), which saw the rise of deified world leaders, and the elevated ideal of so-called American “greatness;” Pluto in Libra (1971–1983) brought forth Gen X, who sought to tear down the Libran ideal of suburban stucco bliss; millennials came alive during Pluto’s transit through Scorpio (1983–1995), a period in which AIDS unleashed conservative cruelty and activist revolution, VHS pornography changed sex forever, and atomic terror thawed to new possibilities of liberation. Of course, Gen Z could only be born to Pluto in Sagittarius (1995–2009), and will reckon for years to come with the sign’s extreme ideals, spiritual curiosity, and conspiratorial thinking.”

With Pluto in Aquarius buckle up we are in for one heck of burn it down and rebuild it better kind of vibe.

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