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Photographer Deletes Bride & Grooms Wedding Pictures After Being Denied Food

Written by on October 20, 2021

There was a post on reddit that went viral earlier this week from a photographer asking for people’s opinion about a situation that happened at a wedding.

The photographer wanted to know if they were wrong For deleting the bride and groom’s wedding pictures after the couple denied them food at the wedding reception.
The anonymous person said one of their friends asked them to take pictures at their wedding because they wanted to cut the cost of expenses down.
The anonymous person explained that photography is something they do for fun but agreed to take pictures for the wedding and was being paid $250 for a 10 hours.
When it was time for dinner to be served to the guest the couple told the photographer they couldn’t stop taking pictures.
The groom  Gave an automatum and said “Either be the photographer or leave without pay”.
The photographer packed up all their stuff and deleted all the pictures.

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