New Bill To Make Using Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Cards A Felony Passes In Senate

Written by on June 15, 2021

If you try to pass off a fake COVID-19 vaccination card in New York State you might cop a felony. There is a new bill that awaits Governor Andrew Cuomo’s signature for fake vaccination cards and passports.


State lawmakers passed a bill in last week’s session that now makes it illegal for you to make a fake COVID-19 vaccination card. The real vaccination cards are used to make it easier for people who are vaccinated to enter events. Last week NPR reported fake vaccination cards were being sold on Amazon. And a bar owner in California was also arrested for selling fake vaccine cards.

Authorities with the FBI said using fake vaccine cards has a negative impact on public health and is illegal.

If you are caught with a fake vaccination card you could face fraud charges which would be a class E felony.

Source: WHEC

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