Lawmaker In Missouri Caught Selling Fake COVID-19 Cure

Written by on February 5, 2021

So there is this lawmaker in Missouri that decided to sell a COVID-19 “cure.” I don’t know what in the 2020 is happening but this is not good. The state representative just took office and she is an assistant physician. Now don’t shake your head yet.

Patricia “Tricia” Ashton Degres was elected to the Missouri House Of Representatives back in November. She also operates 3 clinics called “Ozark Valley Medical Clinic” in Missouri. Through the clinics, she sold the treatments claiming to cure COVID-19. Degres administered amniotic fluid allograft to her patients claiming it contained stem cells. The fluid however did not contain any stem cells.

She pocketed $191, 815.00 from selling the fake cure charging patients $950 and up to $1,450 per millimeter. The lawmaker has been charged (allegedly) with running a fraud scheme in all three clinics. She was also charged with providing prescription drugs illegally and lying to investigators.

Degres said she has no plans to leave any of her jobs and will continue to work. Okay, now you can shake your head.

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