Written by on July 3, 2019

Written by Atu

Does life as you know it today match your general impression of how we connected as human beings when you were a child? I have this friend who connects with me so well we both become inspired and happy. But because of lifestyle and routine consumption, we hardly ever communicate directly. 

Many ideas of separation have come to the forefront in our society. This makes it more difficult to be optimistic. I think we go into the world believing the best of people early in life. We take the good with the bad and accept challenges to reform our world. This is followed with the perception that, in some time, things always get better. Have they? 

I know we do have many opportunities and conveniences that are better than before like digital devices, vehicles, various tools, etc. We may be extensively connected TO each other but, how well connected WITH each other are we? Or, are we at all? Connected, that is. Many of us seem to be more consumed with our things that connect us than we are with who those things were meant to connect us to. US…?

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