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Do People Honor Their Word Today?

Written by on July 24, 2020

Friday morning on the Wake Up Club we asked the question do you think people today honor their word? The reason we asked that question is because of an amazing news story. A man kept who his word to his friend 28 years later.

Wisconsin native Thomas Cook and his friend Joeseph Feeney made a promise that if either one of them won the Powerball Jackpot they would split the money.

The two shook on it and played Powerball every week since that promise back in 1992. Not thinking it would ever happen Thomas ended up winning the jackpot for $22 million! He called up his friend to tell him he won and as promised they split the winnings each receiving $5.7 million.

That story is what lead to this question we asked on the Wake Up Club.

When it comes to people keeping their word in your experiences do you feel more people do or more people don’t today?

This is what our Frontliner Octavia Brooks-Taylor responded via text at 678-1039.

“No, I do not think people honor their word like they used to. I do believe some people practice the honor code however, others do not honor their word. People are always retracting what they say and people are always not doing what they said. Even something as simple as being on time. When you tell someone I’ll be there by this time and your not even leaving your house until that time. It’s just a different day and age. Where some old school people who grew up with understanding that your word is very important. If people can’t take you for your word then they can’t trust you still practice that code, but a lot of our young people do not they will lie to you in a heartbeat.”

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Source: NBC15.com

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