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Chris Rock Total Blackout | The Tambourine Extended Cut

Written by on January 15, 2021

Netflix just released a revamped version of Chris Rock’s most recent stand-up. This Total Blackout Netflix special appears to have Rock accompanied by some of his very popular comedic acquaintances not shown in Tambourine. In the clip below, you can see them backstage trading legendary tales of past experiences with Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor.
I saw the original Tambourine and I didn’t want to see it again. I’m usually laughing alot during a Chris Rock stand-up event or at least entertained but, it seemed more like he was just upset with things. I think his style of joking is always from the perspective of an ‘angry Black man’ because of his cadence. But in Tambourine, I really believed the man was actually angry so, it wasn’t funny.
In the back of my mind I kind of compared Tambourine to watching Eddie Murphy’s RAW. At the time, Eddie had been through some social backlash and personal issues so, my overall impression of his issues affected my reception of the show. His memories went from family follies and farting in “Delirious” to lawsuits and public judgements in “RAW”. It just was a different feel. It may have a lot to do with why he hasn’t done stand-up ever since.



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