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Pizza Hut is now in the Guinness book of world records for creating the world’s largest pizza. The pizza was made with almost 14,000 pounds of dough, 9,000 pounds of cheese and over 600,000 pepperoni. The giant pizza was made with the big New Yorker recipe with 68.000 slices that will be donated to several […]

One of the most noticeable inflated prices are eggs, especially being priced at $8 a dozen in some places. Drugs aren’t the only things being smuggled across the United States border from Mexico,  It’s been reported that there’s been an increase of eggs being brought in the country illegally. Customs are saying they saw a […]

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is considering a federal ban on gas stoves in response to a growing body of scientific research has linked them to a variety of health problems. The agency will begin public comment sessions this winter as it begins weighing restrictions on emissions from gas stoves that have found to […]

A group of black farmers filed a class action lawsuit against the federal government for billions of dollars. In the lawsuit the group claims the federal government broke an agreement to help pay off their debts. President Joe Biden’s trillion dollar coronavirus relief package that included aid for disadvantaged farmers, but a group of white […]

Hershey Company is facing a lawsuit after failing to report lead like metal in their dark chocolate bars. The class action lawsuit comes after a “consumer report” revealed the dangerous metals in Hershey bars and other bands under the company like Lily’s. Hershey’s acquired Lily’s, which markets non-GMO and gluten-free chocolate, for $425 million in […]

According to a new study from the National Institutes of Health, adults who aren’t sufficiently hydrated. That may be leading to faster aging, facing a higher risk of chronic diseases and be more likely to die younger. The results, published Monday, are based on data collected over 25 years from more than 11,000 adults. The researchers […]

If you live in the Canandaigua area you probably should boil your water before consuming it after severe contamination levels were found in the district water. The water is at a maximum contaminant level violation of New York State sanitary code. If you can buy bottled water or make sure you filter the water and […]

McDonald’s is getting everyone in Black Panther spirit with their new promotion for the upcoming movie release. McDonald’s is now offering Happy meals with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever toys leading up to the movie next week. The Happy meal toys will offer 10 different characters from the movie. I wonder if these toys will make […]

Bad news for some shellfish lover’s, there’re billions of crabs missing from the waters in Alaska and for the first time ever snow crab season has been canceled. Reports say over the past few years the creature’s population has been declining from the Alaskan sea dropping from 8 billion to 1 billion from 2018-2021. There […]

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