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Inflation is killing us especially if you want a McDonald’s Big Mac. Reports say the price of a McDonald’s Big Mac in the United States has increased nearly 22% percent since pre pandemic days. Hawaii is charging the most for a Big Mac $5.31 New York State comes in second place charging $5.23 while in […]

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March 23, 2023

Yesterday, Foodlink hosted a pop-up food pantry at the Rochester Public Market. The elimination of emergency benefits for SNAP has created an increased demand for local food banks. Elisha VanNorman, Rural Programs Coordinator at Foodlink, stated: “It’s definitely going to help those families and people that have been impacted by those SNAP benefit cuts, I […]

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March 18, 2023

This weekend is the start of the two-weekend event, Maple Weekend. More than 50 maple producers across the region will be opening their facilities to guests. During this weekend and next, maple farmers will show and explain the production process, and how different products are made. Check out the maple list by clicking here Source: […]

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March 16, 2023

It’s official! Rochester’s first Whole Foods Market is slated to open on April 12 on Monroe Avenue in Brighton. This date comes just one week after a judge ruled in favor of the project’s developers in a lawsuit filed by Wegmans-backed community groups. Festivities will start at 7 am where the first 500 shoppers in […]

Back in February about 2,000 adults were surveyed about sharing. The survey found that 26% of the people were okay with sharing their personal information like passwords and text messages. The survey also showed that 50% of the people In relationships were ok with sharing clothing and money. 57% of people surveyed are not cool […]

Foods in the U.S. are suspected of having a carcinogen ingredient called potassium bromate which isn’t allowed for human consumption in Europe, China, or India. Certain food manufacturers in the United States employ the chemical component, typically tiny crystals or powder, to fortify dough. It’s estimated to be in more than 100 products. According to the FDA, […]

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is considering a federal ban on gas stoves in response to a growing body of scientific research has linked them to a variety of health problems. The agency will begin public comment sessions this winter as it begins weighing restrictions on emissions from gas stoves that have found to […]

Hershey Company is facing a lawsuit after failing to report lead like metal in their dark chocolate bars. The class action lawsuit comes after a “consumer report” revealed the dangerous metals in Hershey bars and other bands under the company like Lily’s. Hershey’s acquired Lily’s, which markets non-GMO and gluten-free chocolate, for $425 million in […]

According to a new study from the National Institutes of Health, adults who aren’t sufficiently hydrated. That may be leading to faster aging, facing a higher risk of chronic diseases and be more likely to die younger. The results, published Monday, are based on data collected over 25 years from more than 11,000 adults. The researchers […]

Next Week is Thanksgiving and travelers can expect to see a rise in gas prices. Officials with GasBuddy said that the national gas price average is expected to be $3.68 on the day of Thanksgiving — a $.30 increase from last year. Experts added this is higher than the previous record of $3.44 in 2012. […]

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