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Black Lives Matter, That Is The Message

Written by on May 31, 2020

Thank you to all of the protesters who peacefully organized and demonstrated Saturday. The love was in abundance, I applaud you for creating something so beautiful to show the world that WE matter!


Black Lives Matter. We are tired of dying at the hands of the police, we are tired of dying because of racism, we are tired of dying because we are black. That is the message.

We came together in solidarity Saturday to show WE care, WE are frustrated, WE want change, and WE matter. We united and showed that we can organize to create change in our community – the entire city. The power and strength we displayed Saturday can NOT be erased by the chaos that happened after the peaceful protests.

To all of my Black people we are powerful. We are not only powerful but when we organize peacefully they hear US louder than ever. We must continue to move forward as a unit, as a community and continue to demand change.

Now is the time to activate and get into position to create a better brighter future for generations to come. A future where we are living wealthy and without trauma in our community as a whole.

One man had a dream and because of that dream change happened giving his dream a reality, Martin Luther King Jr.

Today WE have a dream where Black people are valued, seen as humans, and that we receive justice for the murders of our black men and black women by the hands of the police. This vision WILL become our reality!

Black and proud, Black is beautiful, Black love is powerful, Black Lives Matter – THAT is the message!


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