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After another crash county agrees to changes at dangerous Fairport turn

Written by on May 14, 2024

After another crash at a notorious 90-degree turn near Fairport High School in Fairport, N.Y., local residents and officials are pressing for more substantial safety measures. Emily Audet and her neighbor, Terry Graham, have witnessed numerous accidents over the years as speeding cars fail to navigate the turn and crash into their properties. Despite previous attempts to enhance safety with an overhead street light and bright yellow turn signs, accidents continue to occur frequently. The county’s department of transportation plans to implement additional safety features, including painting a “15MPH” warning on the road and installing radar-activated, solar-powered strobe lights on the turn signs to alert approaching drivers. This response comes amid calls from concerned residents and county lawmakers who emphasize the urgency of preventing a potential tragedy by improving the safety of this dangerous corner.

Source: News 10 NBC

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