Shein promised to tackle overwork. A new report claims 75-hour weeks are still common

Written by on May 14, 2024

Over a year after Shein promised to address excessive working hours in its supply chain, a new report by Public Eye, a Swiss human rights advocacy group, reveals that long hours are still prevalent among some of the Chinese fast-fashion giant’s suppliers. According to the investigation, workers in factories supplying Shein in Guangzhou, China, typically work 75-hour weeks, averaging 12 hours a day for six or seven days each week. Despite Shein’s non-disclosure of its suppliers’ identities, Public Eye confirmed their connection to Shein through worker interviews and the presence of Shein products. Furthermore, workers’ wages remain low, with some earning as little as $332 a month after overtime deductions, significantly below the living wage of $900 suggested by the Asia Floor Wage Alliance. In response to the allegations, Shein highlighted its ongoing investments and audits aimed at improving compliance and conditions in its supply chain, asserting that these efforts have led to substantial improvements. However, the report also notes an increase in surveillance within factories and instances of child labor, emphasizing the ongoing challenges in monitoring and improving labor conditions in global supply chains.


Source: CNN

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