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9 are facing charges in the biggest gold theft in Canada’s history

Written by on April 19, 2024

In what is being described as the largest gold theft in Canadian history, nine individuals are facing charges for a sophisticated heist at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. According to Peel Regional Police, the criminals stole 6,600 gold bars valued over 20 million Canadian dollars and CA$2.5 million in various currencies from an Air Canada cargo facility. The stolen gold was subsequently melted down and used to fund the purchase of illegal firearms. The operation involved an Air Canada warehouse employee and a former manager, among others, using a fraudulent bill to facilitate the theft. The police have so far only recovered a small fraction of the stolen money, totaling CA$90,000. The arrests include a mix of individuals previously known and unknown to the police. The case has also led to the discovery and interruption of an international gun trafficking operation, preventing 65 illegal firearms from entering Canada. The incident has sparked a lawsuit by Brinks against Air Canada, citing breach of contract and negligence, though Air Canada denies the allegations and cites the Montreal Convention which could limit their liability.

Source: AP News

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