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What I Didn’t Know About Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing”

Written by on March 30, 2023

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s in NYC I have seen most of Spike Lee’s films. So when I saw this Rosie Perez story this morning. I see a scene from the movie “Do The Right Thing” totally different now. Rosie Perez is opening up about how she and Spike Lee made amends after she previously voiced discomfort over filming a controversial nude scene in their 1989 film, “Do the Right Thing.”


Over 20 years ago, the actress participated in a roundtable with The New York Times. At the time, Perez detailed shooting the nude scene — which starred herself and Lee — describing the experience as “horrible”. She also said her head wasn’t featured in the shot because she was “crying.”

“It was like, Now I’m the object, here’s the shot,” Perez said back in 2000. “And the reason why I cried was not so much because I felt violated as because I was angry at myself, because I wanted to say: ”Say something! Get up!” So that’s how I felt violated. I felt like I violated myself.”

In a new interview with Variety, the actress set the record straight on the past speculation that there was beef between herself and Lee after they worked together on the film.

Perez said she and the filmmaker “made up” and “hugged it out,” but have remained friends. She also noted that the response to her previous comments got “out of hand” and “too crazy,” citing the reaction as to why she doesn’t like discussing the topic.

This doesn’t change the meaning behind “Do The Right Thing” which is a powerful movie with a powerful message.

Source: Too Fab

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