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Voting Matters: Not Able To Vote, Puerto Rico’s Influnce On The Presidential Election

Written by on October 19, 2020

Even though citizens in Puerto Rico can not vote in the 2020 Presidential Election they still have a voice. If you are wondering why the President and former Vice President Joe Biden are battling over the U.S. Territory it’s because they can influence people in the states to vote.

The reason this is so interesting and important is that this has never happened before in any U.S. election.

However, my main reason for bringing this to your attention is for those people who think voting doesn’t matter. The fact that the two presidential candidates are rallying people in a place where they can NOT vote is proof that voting does matter. There is no denying that at this point so don’t be fooled into thinking votes don’t count.

Both candidates want citizens in Puerto Rico to use their voice to influence family members and friends in Florida to vote. Voting matters!

Let me type this one more time for the people in caps, VOTING MATTERS.

Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory so they have no representation in congress therefore they can not vote in any Presidential Election. Now, they can vote in the primary elections just not the Presidential Elections. But, the bigger point is they could have a huge impact on this election by using their influence to get people in the states to vote. Influence goes a long way!

So, do you still doubt that voting does not make a difference?

Look at the facts and please don’t let an opportunity to create change slip through your fingers.


You read about the 2020 election and Puerto Rico’s influence by clicking Spectrum News

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