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Voters in Monroe County to get Polling Place Updates Via Postcards

Written by on March 2, 2024

The Monroe County Board of Elections is notifying voters about upcoming primary elections on April 2, 2024, through postcards mailed to them. These postcards will provide crucial information regarding their designated polling places, which might have changed due to redistricting and other factors. Democratic and Republican Board of Elections commissioners Jackie Ortiz and Lisa Nicolay emphasize the importance of voters paying close attention to these postcards to avoid confusion on election day. The postcards will also indicate if a voter is registered to vote absentee, in which case they can expect to receive a ballot by mail. The initiative aims to ensure that all voters are well-informed and can participate in the election process efficiently. Early voting is scheduled to start on March 23, providing an additional option for those who prefer or need to cast their votes ahead of the primary election day.

Source: WHAM

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