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Three Michigan Teens Tried To Catfish Then Blackmail Teacher

Written by on May 23, 2022

I wonder if the students in this news story were aware of the consequences of “Catfishing” a teacher. So three students in Gobles, Michigan devised a scheme to get nude photos of a teacher by pretending to be a 35 year old woman.

The teacher thought he was talking to a woman he met on a dating site. The three students sent nude photos of a woman they found online to the teacher. And of course the teacher sent pics of himself exposed back. The students attempted to blackmail the teacher using the photos he sent to what he thought was a woman.

According to the report authorities are not yet sure what the students were using to message the teacher. The investigation is now solely focused on the three students and the criminal charges against the teacher were cleared. There was no wrongdoing found on behalf of the teacher as he thought he was sending pics to a woman.

So… the question I have is did they really think they would get away with blackmailing a teacher after they Catfished him?

Source: Local12.com

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