These High-Paying And High-Demand Jobs In New York Do Not Require A College Degree

Written by on March 1, 2024

In response to the soaring costs of college tuition and stagnant graduate incomes, many are seeking high-paying careers that don’t require a degree. Rochester offers a range of such opportunities, with lucrative positions available across various sectors. This shift towards high-demand, well-paying jobs accessible without higher education underscores a changing employment landscape in New York and beyond.


List of high-paying jobs in Rochester, NY without a college degree:

First line supervisors of firefighting and prevention workers: $108,780
First-line supervisors of police and detectives: $105,000
Electricians and electronics repairers: $104,860
Electrical powerline installers and repairers: $101,100
Transportation, storage and distribution managers: $100,580
Commercial pilots: $100,080
Detectives and criminal investigators: $94,900
Crane and tower operators: $92,930
First-line supervisors of correctional officers: $91,860
Transportation inspectors: $89,940

Source: Democrat & Chronicle

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