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The United States vs Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit Is Truth

Written by on March 2, 2021

Strange Fruit. The truth.

The United States vs. Billie Holiday movie on Hulu is an amazing movie. Andra Day’s performance is stellar. I did not see Andra I was watching Lady Day. Andra Day is an artist in every way imaginable, it’s almost as if she channeled Billie Holiday’s spirit through her.

This movie can open up many discussions that we must have to move forward and heal from mental health, trauma, drug use, racism, and hate. Brilliant movie but even more Billie Holiday was a brilliant being in her short time here on this planet. To use her voice, her gift, and her platform to shed light on racism and lynching of African Americans which unfortunately still happens today.

We may not be the Strange Fruit hanging from the trees today but we are being murdered and gunned down by police officers and racist white people. As a matter of fact, Colin Kaepernick is a great example because he was persecuted for speaking out against injustice. His story is a direct reflection of the past and Billie Holiday’s story.

We are still facing racism and injustice in this country PERIOD. And you will see in the movie some things have become better however we have MUCH work to do ALL of us – black, white, brown, latino, all of us, all of humanity.


In the meantime here is a video of Billie Holiday singing Strange Fruit not too long before she passed away.


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