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The United States Now Leads The World In Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

Written by on March 27, 2020

Here is some information on where we are globally with COVID-19. The United States now leads the world with confirmed cases of COVID-19 and we are only a few weeks in.

I really thought I misheard the news while I was unpacking my groceries this afternoon and I had the new on my television. So as I sat down to do morning show prep for The Wake Up Club I went to double check and I heard right.

The United States has surpassed all other countries including China in number of confirmed cases of COVID-19, wow.

We now have 85,991 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, the most in the world. Worldwide there are 532,692 total confirmed cases and 24, 075 deaths. Italy has seen the most fatalities with 8,215 deaths.

You can stay up to date with the number of cases by clicking John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center interactive map.

Please, PLEASE keep practicing social distancing and washing your hands. If you are sick just STAY HOME.

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