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The Story Behind Carl Weathers’ Posthumous Super Bowl Ad

Written by on February 13, 2024

Carl Weathers, known for his roles in iconic films such as the “Rocky” series and “Happy Gilmore,” made a poignant appearance in a Super Bowl advertisement for FanDuel, despite his recent passing at age 76. Before turning to acting, Weathers had a brief stint as a linebacker with the Oakland Raiders in the early 1970s. The FanDuel commercial, initially teased in January, featured Weathers encouraging former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski during his “kick of destiny,” an event where Gronkowski attempted and missed a field goal before the Super Bowl. Following Weathers’ death on February 1, FanDuel decided to proceed with the ad, incorporating Weathers’ cameo with the support of his family. The aired version depicted a solemn Weathers commending Gronkowski’s effort, ending with a tribute to Weathers, displaying “Thank you, Carl,” alongside his birth and death years. FanDuel, having prepared alternate versions of the ad based on Gronkowski’s performance, reworked the final cut to honor Weathers’ legacy, emphasizing the company’s aim to handle the moment with the deserved respect.

Source: NPR

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