The Most Marijuana-Enthused States in America

Written by on March 15, 2016

After this morning’s Watercooler discussion about Marijuana, I figured this information from Estately fits:


Recreational marijuana is legal in only four U.S. states (and the District of Columbia), but its use stretches much farther than that. With its popularity growing, and more states leaning toward legalizing it, Estately set out to map which states are the best places for marijuana enthusiasts to live and buy a home. To do this they gave each state a score from 1-100 based on the following five criteria. Then they added up the scores to determine our final rankings.

  • Marijuana users—percentage of people reporting marijuana use in the previous month (source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)
  • Marijuana affordability—average cost of high quality and low quality marijuana (source:
  • Interest in Marijuana—Cannabis-related Google searches (source: Google Trends)
  • Legal status of marijuana—recreational, medicinal, decriminalized, illegal (source: Drug Policy Alliance)
  • Publicly expressed interest in Marijuana—Facebook interest in marijuana-themed publications—High Times, Cannabis Now Magazine, 420 Magazine, Cannabis Culture, SKUNK Magazine (source: Facebook user data)

Geographically, marijuana enthusiasm is highest in the West and the Northeast. When it comes to states that do not embrace marijuana, they are largely rural and Southern states. Utah is an outlier out West, but it might be getting a contact high when the winds blow in from neighboring states. Wisconsin stands in stark contrast to Michigan, but perhaps that’s because Wisconsin residents are too busy drinking to pay much attention to Michigan’s enthusiasm for weed.



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