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Known for being the king of short-form video. TikTok announced that it’s expanding the maximum length for uploads to 10 minutes. According to The Verge, TikTok has been testing ever-longer uploads for years, recently introducing three-minute videos last July, but this latest update is the largest increase yet, and will now roll out globally. Longer […]

If you’ve been on Tiktok, you might have seen the viral “bones or no bones” day, fortune-telling dog, Noodle. If you haven’t checked out Noodle, he and his owner Johnathan Graziano post a Tiktok video each day on whether Noodle, the 13-year-old pug, has bones or just flops back down, aka no bones. Check it […]

After the tragedy of Astroworld, many are on high alert for safety at concerts. One person, in particular, is SZA, who recently stopped a concert after someone in the audience passed out. Videos are circulating Tiktok of the singer pausing her show to make sure the audience member was getting help. In the first video, […]

Happy homecoming season, full of fall fun and special concerts and performances at set colleges. At Howard University’s homecoming, the HBCU booked rapper Lil Durk, which served as the college’s headliner. However, Lil Durk was not feeling his performance. The rapper thanked the audience for their time, but walked off the stage mid-performance, cutting his […]

The new month bring another TikTok challenge. On Facebook the Churchville-Chili Central School District warned students and parents that if any adult is touched inappropriately, the district will immediately enforce consequences in alignment with its Code of Conduct, and it may even file charges with law enforcement. The warning comes because the new challenge on TikTok which […]

Is TikTok the King of All Social Media? Well No! Facebook is still number 1, with 2.9 billion monthly active users across the globe as of June 2021. But TikTok, founded in 2016 has more than one billion people around the world now. The popular video streaming and social media platform’s growth has been explosive. […]

Have you hear of the TikTok challenge “Devious Licks”? Greece Central School District has one word for the new challenge………. vandalism. The district says they first started seeing damage in some bathrooms last week.  They initially had to close some bathrooms to fix toilets and sinks but this week, the school has a new system. Greece […]

Amongst a certain community on Tiktok, influencers investors have a new strategy; watching sitting members of Congress for stock tips. Chris Josephs happens to be one of those influencers. Chris Josephs has been watching House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s stock trading, as its disclosures are a treasure trove. Josephs is the co-founder of a company called […]

For the first time ever, Lizzo and Cardi B. teamed up on Lizzo’s upcoming track ‘Rumors.’ Lizzo has been teasing this track for a week now, releasing snip bits of it on TikTok and recently revealing Cardi B’s feature. This is the first single that Lizzo has released in two years, with her last album […]

In case you haven’t seen Lizzo’s hilarious social media posts on her love for Chris Evans, she got Twitter talking when she claimed she was pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby. The “rumor” was just some social media fun, but Captain America hilariously played along to the alleged baby. Lizzo posted a video on TikTok where […]

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