There’s still a search for the missing submarine that had one pilot and four passengers on board. Reports that the submarine had gone missing Sunday. From the southeastern coast of Canada to explore the wreckage of the Titanic ship. Report said the submarine was lost. Connection with the US coast guard almost hours after heading […]

Bad news for some shellfish lover’s, there’re billions of crabs missing from the waters in Alaska and for the first time ever snow crab season has been canceled. Reports say over the past few years the creature’s population has been declining from the Alaskan sea dropping from 8 billion to 1 billion from 2018-2021. There […]

What is octopuses are conscious sea beings? There is a real possibility that they are according to science. The one thing that this possibly show is how little we humans know about the world around us and how much we still need to learn about being human. I get that is level of thinking requires […]

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