A janitor is being sued after an incident from back in 2020. The janitor who works for a cleaning service company that had a contract with a college in the Albany area allegedly powered down a freezer that had been storing cells for science research. The college claimed in the lawsuit the janitor’s actions destroyed […]

Gearing up for 2024 Rochester, NY will be the center of a Total Solar Eclipse. The Total Solar Eclipse will take place on April 8th, 2024 and Rochester sits right in the center of the path totality. If you miss this one the next total solar eclipse won’t happen until 2045. The last Solar Eclipse […]

If you are interested in viewing NASA’s DART mission here is all the information you will need. Starting at 6pm NASA will be live broadcasting coverage of the DART mission. The mission is an attempt to deflect an asteroid from it’s path. DART stands for Double Asteroid Redirection Test. The mission began last year in […]

I’m all for science but there comes a point where I question things like what are we doing? There is a company that plans to bring back or “genetically resurrect” the woolly mammoth. No, this is not a joke. The company is Colossal and they said they actively pursue conservation and preservation of endangered species. […]

Pharrell Williams plans to open a group of small nonprofit private schools in Virginia. The Grammy-winner said in a press release in which he called out the current state of affairs regarding the school system, according to The Virginian-Pilot. “We don’t want lockstep learning where so many kids fall behind; we want bespoke learning designed for […]

Mars, we accomplished that so what planet is up next? Venus of course! NASA announced this week that the next mission is to get to Venus to see and examine the planet. They want to look at Venus’s geological features and the planet’s atmosphere. The cost to explore Venus is about half a billion dollars […]

So you know or maybe you don’t but I LOVE science! With that said when cool things happen that you may not get a chance to see I try to share them with you. No matter new planets, cool inventions, things in space, dope scientists, or pretty much anything science I see it I just […]

Have you ever heard of or ever seen the Christmas Star? If you have been blessed with the opportunity to see this magnificent star then you are a miracle! The reason you’d be a miracle is that this display only happens every 800 years so you’d literally be as old as dirt. On December 21, […]

Kevin Beckford called into the WDKX Wake-Up Club to talked about the Exploration into Science and Technology related Career Planning Event Friday, December 11, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM. Click Here To Register The University of Rochester’s Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) is a unique national resource for research and education in science and technology and […]

Scientists believe they have solved the mystery behind the mass death of coho salmon. The mass death of the coho salmon is happening when they return from the Pacific to spawn on the West Coast. The salmon have been dying in huge numbers after the heavy rain season each fall in the streams on the […]

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