Nurses at Rochester General Hospital are prepared to strike today, a move that is creating widespread concern over the possible impact. The recent round of negotiations between Rochester Regional Health and the Rochester Union of Nurses and Allied Professionals has recently concluded without significant progress. RRH has expressed dissatisfaction with the outcome, leading to a […]

Rochester Regional Health released a statement, ensuring uninterrupted care for the community during a potential nurses strike at Rochester General Hospital this week. If the strike were to happen, RRH said RGH will operate at normal business hours and has contracted hundreds of replacement nurses who were carefully selected and trained from a national agency. […]

On July 6th New York State just passed a new labor law protecting nurses when it comes to overtime. The state of New York will no longer allow mandatory overtime for nurses there will be some exceptions to this new rule. These exceptions include, Unforeseen emergencies Disasters Situations where patient safety necessitates overtime, such as […]

Brandy Miller was honored by doctors and nurses at Strong Hospital as she donated her organs. Brandy Miller was one of the two women that died in the stampede at the concert at the Main Street Armory last weekend. Doctors and nurses lined the hallways as her body was brought in to donate her organs. […]

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July 16, 2022

In a 431-296 vote, Nurses at Rochester General Hospital voted to unionize this week, marking it potentially the most successful unionization effort in the U.S. since Amazon workers in New York City. Hospital administration declined to comment for this report but released a statement saying: “We are disappointed in this outcome, as we continue to […]

A new global study found 71% of doctors and 68% of nurses believe their jobs have changed considerably in the past 10 years. Many say their jobs have gotten worse. Clinicians are concerned about a global healthcare workforce shortage, with 74% predicting there will be a shortage of nurses and 68% predicting a shortage of […]

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