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So this morning we had a discussion on-air during the Wake Up Club with Tariq, myself (Reign), and DJ Sight that prompted a listener to call in to express her thoughts. She didn’t agree with how we talked about race and the terms we used like we and them or us and them and felt […]

We close out another week and get one step closer to spring which is literally one month away yay! Our days are a little longer as we gain more daylight and that is always a plus because it helps us with our Vitamin D. Living life in a healthy way doesn’t just include your body […]

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February 2, 2021

Happy Black History Month! So, how are you doing? February is here which means it’s a new month and it is time to take inventory. Did you accomplish your goals from last month and are you on track for this month? If so great! Keep up the good work and remember to take a moment […]

As much as possible speak life and love into yourself and into others. Your words are incredibly powerful and can be used as a tool to build or destroy so choose wisely. When you think with a positive mind and speak with love in your heart you will begin to affect the lives of those […]

See the good around you and within you! When you look for the beautiful things in life you will find them or they will find you. Even when you look for the beauty inside of you, you will see it! Life really is 10% of what happens to you (good and bad) and 90% of […]

Never EVER trust a person who does not see the wrong in how they move. Especially, if they have hurt you and the relationship beyond repair. No matter who it is! You must understand they will continue to hurt you and sacrifice you and your inner peace for their gain. A perfect example is our […]

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August 17, 2020

Black men you are love, you are loved, and you have beautiful love to give. Black Men… NO… Black Kings, believe in your greatness, in your beauty, your dreams, and KNOW that you are worthy. Black Kings you are worthy of love, of life, and of all things good. You posses the power to accept […]

Take a break today to do something fun or at least something that will genuinely make you happy! It doesn’t matter if you decide to take the whole day off or take out five minutes just take the moment to celebrate you. Celebrate your health, the fact that you made it to see another day, […]

Super producer Timberland opens up about his pain killer addiction, and weight gain. The producer whose real name is Timothy Mosley said the addiction began after getting a root canal procedure done back in 2011. At the time he was going through a messy divorce with his ex wife and was being investigated for back […]

Written by DJ Reign Sometimes it’s real easy to give up on you. Not necessarily on life, but giving up on yourself out of frustration, feeling unaccomplished, trying to work on improving yourself and feeling like you’re not moving fast enough, or just flat out feeling like you’ve failed. What I’ve learned so far, it’s […]

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