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The Salvation Army of Greater Rochester Project Bundle Up Program will give children ages 6-12 in need of a winter coat an opportunity to shop for a free winter coat with a community volunteer. When: Saturday, October 29th Children MUST be registered to participate. To see if your child qualifies for the free winter coat […]

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May 12, 2016

    After months to years of thinking men are dogs, and that you’re probably going to be single forever, you finally run into what you presume is the perfect guy.  After first glance and conversation, he pretty much checks off all the criteria on yourMy Perfect Guy Qualities list, until he responds with, “Yes […]

The latest GAP Kid’s ad (as shown above) has been labeled by viewers as “passive racism”. The ad shows 4 young girls, all members of Le Petit Cirque, an all humanitarian kid’s circus group, posing in GAP Kid’s clothing. However, the only black girl in the group is being used as an arm rest by […]

A group of children in the town of Gates are out to give Gates Police a good name. Yes, you read that correctly. On Sunday night, Tyreese Conyers and his friends were behind a school playing basketball when some Gates Police officers walked up to the court and decided to join them.

Chuck-E-CHeese is out here wrecking homes. So a man from Wayne County was arrested for a domestic situation where he tore up his home because his wife took the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese. Yeah it’s a real story. 

The popular accessory chain store Claire’s is pulling multiple products for it shelves after a mom discovered her 6 year-old daughter’s makeup kit contained asbestos.  

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