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A new guidance from the New York State Department of Labor says companies can no longer hold employees responsible for using marijuana outside of the workplace. The department quietly released new guidelines forbidding the majority of employers, both public and private, from testing their employees for marijuana. According to the Department of Labor, individuals who […]

If you are in the market for a job or career check out the United States Post Office in Webster and Rocheater. They will be holding a hiring event October 14th and 15th 10am -4pm. The event is in person and will be held at the Rochester Mail Processing Center 1335 Jefferson Rd. Rochester, NY. […]

Would you take less money to work from home? Three in 5 workers (61%) said they were willing to take a pay cut to maintain their remote working status, according to a survey of 3,500 adult Americans by Goodhire. According to the survey, 68% of Americans would choose remote working options over in-office work. 85% […]

RochesterWorks! and the New York State Department of Labor have started a $2.25 million gun violence prevention initiative. The purpose is to connect at-risk young people between the ages of 18 and 24 with good-paying, permanent, unsubsidized employment. Seventy-five percent of participants will come from one of the nine zip codes identified by the state labor department […]

The Rochester Police Accountability Board has positions available if you are in the market for a job. Some of the positions available are administration, information technology, and case management. There are plenty more positions available with the PAB those are just a few examples. Executive Director Conor Dwyer Reynolds announced the PAB is currently hiring […]

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September 14, 2021

Monroe County is opening mass vaccination sites again to accommodate people who want to get the booster shot. The sites will also give vaccination shots to people who have not been vaccinated. Monroe County Executive Adam Bello announced they will be hiring more than 100 people for the mass vaccination sites. They are looking for […]

According to Century Foundation, about 7.5 million workers on pandemic-era unemployment benefits will be cut off when extra benefits expire on September 6th. Critics of pandemic aid have say the benefits, have kept people from accepting new jobs that would jumpstart the economy. But, research also shows that financial assistance hasn’t kept people from taking […]

Are Teens the new Workforce Titans? According to the Associated Press, teenagers have become one of the largest segments of the working population. The reported say that in May, 33.2% of teens ages 16 to 19 were in the national workforce, the highest figure for teen workers since the Great Recession of 2008. As the […]

To help stop gun violence arcoss NY State, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced 1,813 jobs will be available for at-risk youth across these three areas in the ZIP codes that make up each zone. 961 jobs for Western New York, 631 jobs for Rochester, and 256 jobs for Syracuse Governor Cuomo said. “We remain committed to […]

Spectrum is hiring up to 190 customer service representatives supporting Spectrum Mobile customers at its newly converted call center in Rochester. The new positions offer hourly wages starting at $18 an hour. The parent company Charter’s commitment to pay a $20 minimum starting wage in 2022. Spectrum will hold a drive through hiring event Thursday, July […]

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