International Space Station

Boeing is gearing up for a pivotal moment with the first crewed launch of its Starliner space capsule, scheduled for late Monday evening from Cape Canaveral, Florida. This significant step comes after several setbacks, including previous test flight failures and design flaws. The Starliner’s journey has been marred by issues such as an incorrectly set […]

NASA plans to retire the International Space Station (ISS) by crashing it into the ocean at the end of 2030, marking the end of its over three-decade tenure orbiting Earth. The agency is collaborating with private companies—Axiom Space, Voyager Space, and Blue Origin—to develop a new space station that will be privately owned, built, and […]

SpaceX has made its first official crewed journey to the International Space Station. The 4 astronauts are piloting the Resilience: the newest rocket from Space X. Its made of new age materials, like titanium, aluminum and carbon fiber and can withstand temperatures higher than 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit. “I think all of us can agree 2020 […]

NASA astronaut Jeanette Epps will become the first black woman to be a crew member on the International Space Station. On Tuesday, NASA said Epps will join astronauts Sunita Williams and Josh Cassada on a 2021 mission aboard a Boeing-built Starliner spacecraft. Epps has a doctorate in aerospace engineering. Served seven years as a technical […]

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