WWE has been in talks with state gambling regulators for the states of Colorado and Michigan to legalize betting on scripted wrestling matches. If this does go through, WWE executives will wait right before the match to inform wrestlers the outcome. What’s your thoughts on this? WWE in talks over legalized betting on scripted match […]

According to the American Gaming Association an estimated 50.4 million American adults will place a bet of some kind for Super Bowl 57 between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles Sunday. A survey conducted by the organization says bettors will wager around $16 billion on the game, more than double bets on last year’s game, won by […]

A man from the UK set a record with blowing $50 million dollar lottery winnings within 8 years before he died. Reports that the man had a spending habit of $131k a week on luxury items and investments after winning the $257.6 million dollar euro jackpot back in 2011. Before the man’s death his wife […]

More and more people are putting money on the game, or games. Online sports-betting company DraftKings Inc. posted higher-than-expected revenue for the start of this year’s football season. The company reported revenue of $502 million for the three-month period ended Sept. 30, more than double its revenue in the same period last year. Click Here To […]

As much as many Americans in the United States want Donald Trump out of the White House there are people in this country and around the world that want the opposite. A  mystery man from the United Kingdom was convinced by a Trump campaign insider that Trump will get re-elected. According to reports the British […]

You see a lot of these get-rich fast schemes all the time, invest $100 and get $1,000. A Fort Lauderdale woman definitely flip a dollar into $4 million and it’s all legal money. The unknown woman was playing at the $1 slot machine at a Florida Casino and hit for exactly $4 million. This was […]

Heres some good news, a Colorado man won the $1 million dollar Powerball jackpot twice in one day from two separate stores one mile apart. He bought one ticket in the morning and the other later that evening. The Colorado state lottery officials identified the man as, Joe B. B won the jackpot back in […]

Get your money ready betting on sporting events is coming to a casino near you.  

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