Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives —the group co-founded by direct descendants of Douglass— is celebrating the famous abolitionist leader and Rochester resident’s birthday with an exciting new announcement to honor his and his family’s legacy. Rochester will soon be the home of the Frederick Douglas Museum Center for Knowledge, Equality and Justice. The group recently purchased a […]

Last month the founder of community advocacy group RocGrowth, Richard Glaser, organized an online petition calling for the name change. This past week a bill was proposed to change the Airports name from The Greater Rochester International Airport to the, Frederick Douglass – Greater Rochester International Airport. If approved, next month it will go before […]

It’s official! Monroe County Legislature voted Tuesday night to rename the Greater Rochester International Airport in honor of Frederick Douglass. The new name will be the  “Frederick Douglass – Greater Rochester International Airport.” While the decision does not need to be approved by the FAA, the Federal Aviation Administration needs to be notified. The airport […]

One of the Frederick Douglass statues were removed from its base and damaged Sunday overnight. The crime has received national attention. To add insult to injury, it was on the anniversary of his famous speech “What To The Slave Is The Fourth Of July.” The statue was located in Maplewood Park. It stood where both […]

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July 3, 2020

I just realized I have never posted something that would take longer than 60 seconds to get the point. This was something that even I with my a.d.d. consumed the whole thing plus looked up the F. Douglass speech to read. “The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro” The Life and Writings of […]

Frederick Douglass owned and lived in the Rochester home at 271 Hamilton Street that’s still standing. To honor Douglass, the City of Rochester erected a marker at his home that reads, “Douglas House – Frederick Douglas, noted abolitionist and orator, lived here with Sprague Family, 1873-1874. Owned building for 32 years.” To commemorate the new […]

Already known for being home to Frederick Douglass, Rochester will soon be even more historic. It will be one of the very few cities in the northern United States that has a public site which is dedicated to civil rights. This site will be known as the Rochester Heritage Civil Rights site and will be […]

The City of Rochester has recently installed a new historical marker to highlight the work of famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass. The marker has been placed outside Douglass’ previous home, which still stands at 271 Hamilton Street in the city. At the unveiling of the historic marker, mayor of Rochester Lovely A. Warren stated that Frederick […]

Written by DJ Sight Rochester, New York is one of the most unique cities in the world. Sometimes I feel as if we don’t get the credit we rightfully deserve. This city single-handedly changed the country and the world, from technology to human rights. One of the great people we always celebrate here is Frederick […]

Written by Jasmine It has been reported that a total of five Rochester city signs have Frederick Douglass’ name misspelled. If you happen to be walking, biking or driving in the Northland-Lyceum area near Bausch and Lomb, you may have noticed this. According to News10NBC, all of these signs, which point to the Northeast College […]

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