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In addition to doctors and first responders, its safe to say that essential employees like grocery store workers also put their lives on the line for everyone else, as they did their best to keep food on their shelves so we could have food on our tables. Now, officials at the CDC have recommended that […]

Since the coronavirus vaccine arrived in the US, talks have shifted from when will it get here? To who will get it first? Everyone agreed that first responders should be first in line, as they are closest to the virus and have the most exposure to it – but who should get it second? Democratic […]

The CDC has raised its warning levels to its highest degree regarding cruises and is also regulating international flights once more. The level 4 travel notice says that “all people” should avoid traveling by cruise ship because “the risk of COVID-19 on ships is very high.” In a statement on its website, officials said: “Cruise […]

The CDC has decided to further assist Americans that are suffering from the economic hardships due to the coronavirus by stopping evictions through the end of 2020. Officials are saying that renters will need to meet certain qualifications to be able to take advantage of the program. They will have to fill out some forms […]

2020 Democratic presidential running mate Kamala Harris said on Friday that if Joe Biden gets elected to be President in November one of the first things on his agenda is going to be making a national face mask mandate. One of the guidelines by the CDC recommends people should wear face mask while in public […]

The Wawona Packing Company has said they are doing a recall on their 2 pound bag of fresh yellow peaches because of an alleged presence of salmonella. These products are sold at stores like Wegmans, Target and Aldis. Reports show that at least 68 people across 9 states have are suffering from salmonella sickness. Wegmans […]

As we get closer to the opening of a new school year according to reports the White House is blocking the US Center for Disease Control and prevention also known as the CDC Director from testifying before a house education and labor Committee hearing on reopening schools next week. President Donald Trump last week said […]

It looks like the Trump Administration is going to play Hide & Go Seek with COVID-19 data. That is the only logical explanation as to the rerouting of hospital data of COVID-19 patients. The data of coronavirus patients will go directly to the President first then to the CDC. Trump claims this way will be […]

Center for Disease Control also known as the CDC is adding a few more covid-19 symptoms to the current list. Those new symtoms added to the list are congestion, runny nose, nausea, and diarrhea could be potential signs of the Coronavirus. Previous symptoms on the list included chills, fever, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, and […]

We all have our own conspiracy theories when it comes to the coronavirus but, when real scientists start to have them that’s when things get a little scary. Especially when over 200 scientists collectively come together to write a letter to the World Health Organization with concern. The concern being the transmission of COVID-19 through […]

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