Tyrese comes out of retirement to let the world know how he really feels about his ex-wife. Check out his new single #Newat2

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October 28, 2021

What do you believe about yourself? Take a minute or a few to think about what you believe about yourself. Actually, write it down if you have a journal (if you don’t I suggest you get one or download a journal app on your phone) no matter if it’s good or bad. If you have […]

As much as possible speak life and love into yourself and into others. Your words are incredibly powerful and can be used as a tool to build or destroy so choose wisely. When you think with a positive mind and speak with love in your heart you will begin to affect the lives of those […]

Our flaws are a part of who we are, they make us human. Perfection in itself is flawed because no person on this planet is perfect. But we can practice perfection by loving. Love is perfection, love is kind, love is unconditional. Love is you, it is me, and it is God. Love is the […]

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