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Superintendent Resignation Notice

Written by on April 25, 2020

This is how you do a cya bye bye letter in less than 1oo words.  Written to:

President White, Vice-President Elliott, and Commissioners,

It is with a heavy heart that I provide you notice of my resignation, as required by my contract (i.e. 90 days’ notice), effective July 23, 2020.  I just  accepted another position and it was announced this evening.  I remain committed to supporting you and the entire district as we work collaboratively to adopt a balanced budget, and I will continue to provide the leadership and planning necessary to support our students and families through this challenging pandemic.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the RCSD.

Terry J. Dade

Superintendent of Schools

Rochester City School District

131 W. Broad Street

Rochester, New York 14614

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