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Sudan Massacre

Written by on June 14, 2019

written by ari

Social media has turned blue in solidarity of the Sudan Massacre. The color blue represents Mohamed Mattar, a 26 year old innocent graduate from London Brunel University. Mattar was shot and killed by Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces on June 3rd while protecting two women at a peaceful sit in protest. All over social media, people are changing their profiles to support the Sudanese protests.


The protests in Sudan started in December 2018 due to the demand for civilian rule, freedom and change. Instead, however, the Sudan army has taken over and hundreds of people have been killed, abused and humiliated. So far, security forces have killed more than 100 people in the capital and across the country.

The events taking place in Sudan are truly devastating and although we are not physically there we can help by getting the word out! We need to spread awareness and inform everyone of Sudan’s need for food and supplies, as well as the growing concern of what the lasting effect this violence will have on the children.

UNICEF is offering a variety of ways for people to get involved. To donate, or for more information, please visit https://www.unicef.org/take-action.

UNICEF also created a GoFundMe page and is accepting donations in support of the cause with an estimated $126,915 goal.

There are even petitions to encourage the UN to investigate the massive violence against protesters, including a Change.org petition that is almost at it’s goal of 75,000 signatures! Click here to add your signature and show your support.

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