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Student And Teacher Cuts A Seven Year Olds Hair In School Without Permisson

Written by on April 22, 2021

What would you do if your seven-year-old child came home from school with their haircut by a student and then again by a teacher?

Well, this happened to a father in Michigan and his seven-year-old daughter.

Back in March the father of Jurnee the seven-year-old girl complained to the principal of Mount Pleasant Public School that his daughter came home with her hair cut by a student. The father took his daughter to a salon to have her hair styled and cut so the different lengths would not look obvious.

Then a couple of days later the little girl came home with her hair cut again this time by a teacher. The father said she was upset because she thought she was going to get in trouble for the teacher cutting her hair. Jurnee is biracial and the teacher and student who cut her hair are both white.

Jurnee’s father Jimmy Hoffmeyer said they cut his daughter’s hair without permission. He also said he was told the most that could be done with the teacher who cut her hair is a note on her file.

My question is would they have cut her hair if she was white? And I am not necessarily making this about race but you really have to take this into consideration with this situation. Where this took place only 4% of the people who live in the area are Black according to the Census.

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Source: WHEC.com

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