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Strange Things Are Happening The Power Of Sinclair Broadcasting Group #Propaganda

Written by on April 3, 2018

The current President and his regime are controlling local media outlets across America via Sinclair Broadcasting Group. Rochester is not exempt.
This has to be one of the most blatant and craziest videos I’ve seen in a while. The scariest part is Rochester’s News Channel 13WHAM  anchors are in this video, like right in the middle. #payattention 
This video published by Deadspin pulled back the curtain on media outlets in particular local media across the country.
If you have any doubts in the FACT that the Trump administration is controlling everything at this point this video will shine the light casting out those “fake news” doubts.
Sinclair “required” aka forced all of the news anchors to abide by a script so you can’t solely blame the anchors on this they were doing what they had to do.
I have to take a moment to say this.. These are the times where I am proud of the fact I am able to be a part of the WDKX legacy. We have the power to say or or not say in this case and use our voices for the greater good to uplift and unite us all and to allow the voices, your voices in the community to be heard. Thank you to the Langston family for allowing us the platform to challenge the system by having a true, genuine, and unaltered voice.
About :19 seconds in you see channel 13 WHAM news anchors repeating the message form a script they were forced to read echoing President Trump’s rhetoric about “fake news.”
Back in March CNN’s Brian Shelter first reported the news that a bunch of local journalists across the country felt very uncomfortable   doing the promos Sinclair was forcing them to do.
Check this out

Oh and to show you this is real the President tweeted about it thus it’s not fake news it’s real news.


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