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Shocking Pictures of Puerto Rico Devastated by Hurricane

Written by on September 27, 2017

Victims of Hurricane Maria struggling to find basic needs such as food, water, & electricity. main_900

Woman’s house destroyed in Yabucoa



A family in Toa Baja attempts to collect their belongings after their home was ripped apart by the high winds of Maria




Dead horses lie on the side of the road



People are collecting natural water created by landslides



Aerial views of Catano



My question is: where is Trump? Puerto Rico is an US territory that has been completely destroyed. Yet, the only thing Trump is concerned about is the NFL. People have zero communication with their families. Puerto Ricans are going without food, water, and power. 3.4 million American citizens. They are apart of our United States but our ‘president’ is showing no empathy at all for our brothers and sisters in the Caribbean.

Is Maria Trumps Katrina?

Or do you think his actions (or lack there of) are justified?



For more information on donating to help Puerto Rico click here. Make sure to do your due diligence before donating. There are many organizations out there accepting money but make sure you’re donating to an organization that is actually giving the donation money to those affected.

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