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Run-DMC’s DMC Discusses New ‘Kings From Queens’ Doc on Peacock

Written by on February 1, 2024

(BET) – “Kings From Queens: The RUN DMC Story,” a new docuseries on Peacock that streams February 1, delves into the journey of Run-DMC, the most influential rap group in music history. The series captures their rise from Hollis, Queens, to global music titans, their impact on making hip-hop mainstream, and the abrupt end to their journey in 2002 after the murder of Jam Master Jay. The series, featuring insights from hip-hop legends like LL Cool J, Eminem, and Ice Cube, celebrates Run-DMC’s contributions to music and culture. DMC reflects on the group’s legacy, emphasizing their role in breaking racial barriers and changing music through hip-hop. Despite personal struggles, including DMC’s battle with alcoholism and depression, the series portrays their lasting influence and the transformative power of their music. “Kings From Queens” aims to remind viewers of Run-DMC’s monumental role in shaping hip-hop and their enduring legacy in the music world.

Source: BET

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