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RCSD Board of Education Votes To End East-UR Partnership

Written by on March 29, 2024

After a 4-3 vote, the Rochester City School District Board of Education has ended the nearly decade-long partnership between East High School and the University of Rochester.  The district says the “Educational Partnership Organization” (EPO) cost up to $3 million a year and it needs to cut costs due to a declining enrollment.

“We have a viable model that is working and it is a tough decision — and I want to see us honor that model and the investment that we have made over the years. And although tonight I will not be voting in favor of that, because I think that we have the ability to move this back under our supervision, I make this decision, I hope with the understanding that we are going to honor the model and continue the model under our leadership,” said board member Amy Maloy before the vote.

Marlene Blocker, East EPO superintendent, remarked before the vote: “There is nothing I want more for every single child to not only be sustained at where they’re at but to elevate where they’re at. Whether it’s under the U of R, the RCSD or Freddy Flintstone. I care about kids and I put kids first. So while I support and respect everything that each individual has said, I just want to close by saying I pray, after giving eight and a half years of my life, bringing my son to East to be a graduate and to be a part of it, I pray that the RCSD ripples that impeded progress before the EPO took over do not suddenly surface as huge waves that crash the positive course we have taken and that U of R has helped charter.”

Source: WHEC-TV



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